EUROSTUDENT is a network of researchers as well as data collectors, representatives of national ministries and other stakeholders who have joined forces to examine the social and economic conditions of student life in higher education systems in Europe. For more information please visit EUROSTUDENT website.

This blog is created by the EUROSTUDENT project with the aim to share news, updates, insights into the data and other relevant information about the EUROSTUDENT project. But also to gather and share other important updates on the social dimension of higher education and students’ socio-economic situation in Europe.

The main author of the blog is the communication officer of the EUROSTUDENT project (Hanna-Stella Haaristo from Praxis Center for Policy Studies, Estonia), but it includes contributions from other members of the project consortium as well.


EUROSTUDENT project is funded with the support of all participating countries. Co-funded by the Erasmus+ programme of the European Union and the following bodies:


The funders are not responsible for the content of this blog.