News round-up: social dimension in higher education. Summer/Autumn 2016

This blog will provide a quarterly round-up of interesting news, articles, reports, events and more that have caught our eye  and are related to higher education, especially the social and economic condition of student life and the social dimension of higher education in the European Higher Education Area. Have you read any interesting news or articles related to the topic that have not been posted here? Feel free to link them below at the comments section!

Fresh data and reports:

IDEAS Project report: Effective Approaches to Enhancing the Social Dimension of Higher Education

ETER: comprehensive database on European Higher Education Institutions launched

Eurostat Newsrelease: Education, employment, both or neither? What are young people doing in the EU?

OECD Education & Skills Today: Do labour markets welcome shorter tertiary degrees?

UNESCO: Global Education Monitoring Report released

International policies & initiatives:

EU policies: The European Commission has adopted a new Skills Agenda for Europe

EU policies: Commission to offer gender equality advice for universities

OECD data: OECD launches new higher education activities

Joint ESU, IA, OBESSU Action Programme:  A Joint Vision for Secondary and Higher Education for All in Europe

News from around Europe:


Danish evaluation: Is study abroad as beneficial as is reputed?

UK: Rise in EU students applying to British universities ahead of Brexit fears, figures show

The Netherlands: 38% of students remain five years after graduation

Finland: 44% of foreign grads employed in the country after five years

Finland: University of Helsinki to introduce tuition fees of €13,000–18,000 for non-EU/EEA students


UK: Most expect to go to university but worry about fees

Ireland: Parents spend €4,300 per year on child in college


Switzerland: Swiss university graduates best paid in Europe according to salary-benchmarking site

UK: Graduate employment hits record high as gender pay gap grows


UK: NUS report shows half of graduates from first year of £9,000 tuition fees now back living with parents

Ireland: Union of Students in Ireland (USI) calls for renting of spare rooms to students


UK: Around one in eight undergraduates at UK universities believe they have a mental health condition

Gender Equality

Ireland: National committee to advance gender equality in higher education to be formed


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