EUROSTUDENT update: September 2016


EUROSTUDENT VI consortium. Second row from left: Yassin Boughaba, Martin Unger, Bas Kurver, Christine Scholz, Kristina Hauschildt, Christoph Gwosc and Froukje Wartenbergh-Cras. First row from left: Sarah Gerhard, Egle Ozolinciute, Hanna-Stella Haaristo and Angelika Grabher.


It is time for an update on the sixth round of EUROSTUDENT! In the picture above you can see the consortium of EUROSTUDENT meeting in Hanover, Germany on September 5-6, 2016 to discuss the current state of the project and the tasks that lie ahead. Here is a little overview for you:

EUROSTUDENT field phase now completed in most countries!

In three quarters of the total 28 countries participating in EUROSTUDENT VI, the field phase of collecting data from students is already completed or will be completed in 2016. Students in the remaining countries will be surveyed in the spring/summer semester of 2017.

 Busy time for national research teams: data cleaning and delivery has started!

Instructions for data cleaning and delivery were recently sent out to all national research teams. Individual support for data cleaning and delivery is given for researchers from participating countries at EUROSTUDENT workshops taking place in Vienna in August, October and November.

EUROSTUDENT Researchers’ Forum digs deeper into data on the social dimension of higher education!

The EUROSTUDENT Researchers’ Forum will take place in Vilnius, Lithuania on February 1-2 in 2017. The forum aims to provide up-to-date knowledge about the relevant higher education and social dimension issues in EHEA countries, giving insight and ideas about how EUROSTUDENT results could be used in various research projects and forms. The Forum is open to all national research teams participating in EUROSTUDENT VI, but will be opened to non-EUROSTUDENT researchers depending on availability of spaces. For more information see EUROSTUDENT website.

EUROSTUDENT Policy-makers Conference will give a sneak preview of the fresh data!

On April 6th, 2017, the EUROSTUDENT policy-makers conference in Malta will bring together ministry representatives from the countries participating in EUROSTUDENT VI, as well as other interested policy-makers and international stakeholders. The conference will provide a first “sneak preview” of the fresh EUROSTUDENT data. More information on the conference will be published soon on EUROSTUDENT website and in this blog.


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